Freelancing isn't synonymous to Desperation.  Nor is it in any way equivalent to Suicidal.
Alright, maybe sometimes it does.  But that really depends on the freelancer.  There is no book that legitimately defines a freelancer as such.  So it is with absolute pissery that I scowl at clients who assume that.
Be reminded, a Raketista can shoot down a client, too.  A Raketista can say no.

Douche vs. Dough
Working on an awesome project becomes a 9 to 5 in hell when you have to work with a total jerkface client.  You're not in an ad agency anymore.  You can actually decline a job.  Even if Miss Arrogance slaps you with a great deal of money, would that be worth your ego being stomped on?  Ok, maybe.  Weigh the client's douche level versus this project's dough level and see how it works out with your patience level.

Priority Meter
You have a choice.  You're not getting your load from a single source anymore.  So when work comes in a pile, you don't have to take them all and do overtime over your overtime.  This time, you have that all-powerful privilege to sift through the onslaught and choose the ones with better pay and portfolio factor.  The ones you want and can really handle.  This time, when your plate is full, you can say no to seconds.

Me Time
Remember that time when you had to cancel your vacations because your agency had to agree with client's demands and deadlines?  That doesn't have to happen now.  Of course, you have to work harder --swimming solo isn't easy.  But that doesn't mean you have to work yourself to the ground.  After a bout of pitch mania, you do deserve some R&R.  You can say no to a client who wants to trample on your serious beach time.

Now this isn't saying you have to be a complete snob.  THAT'S suicide.  What you do is simply realize pride in your craft and respect for yourself.  Decline death-defying acts when you have to.  Because with your kind of agency-honed drive, there will be more where that came from, I assure you.

Once in a while, all you have to do is say no.


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