Drinks all around, my fellow mercenaries, for today is a very special day!

Not only is it April Fools' Day... but it's also the day RaketChick turns ONE*fireworks!  beer!  kewpie dolls!*

Ah, the irony of it all!  April Fools' Day.  Makes you wonder if RaketChick was created as a joke.  Pfft!  Of course not!  But she was indeed borne out of sarcasm --and eventually she evolved into something saner.  Well, slightly saner.  Maybe less crankier... until something provokes me again. 

So, in that full year, what have we learned?
I learned Patience, Persistence, and Peace.  *what the... is that angelic choir music I hear?!!*
Ok, not full blown, Zennish Peace-peace.  Otherwise, I would just stop this blog and focus all my energies to extreme cross stitching.  Thankfully, of the 3 Ps, the one I've totally jacked up is my Persistence factor.  More quality biz hunting, more quality work, more quality me time (uhm... I'm still working on that one).  I'd elaborate but I guess I'm not Patient enough.

Let's wrap it up then.
Happy Birthday to Me, thanks for reading me, and may your rakets flourish like the Zombie Apocalypse plague!


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