Life's a Pitch

In an ad agency, when your Client Service Director tells you 'We're joining a pitch.', that's just like saying 'We're going to war'.  You get ridiculously pumped.  Your creative juices flow through your veins like wildfire.  You ready yourself for stress and sleepless nights ...and you're gonna like it.  There's nothing quite like a Creative's competitive streak.  Plus, a pitch is a welcome break from your regular insurance company client's requirements.

In the freelancing world, however, pitching is everyday fare.  You pitch against other freelancers, sometimes even full blown agencies.  You pitch yourself to companies on a daily basis.  Your portfolio, your background, and your relentless charm --your weapons.  A pitch isn't a break.  It's your new way of life.

Does that mean your source of excitement from long ago has finally become a boring routine?  Definitely not.  This means your new life has become far more exciting, with a whole lot of bigger things to win...or lose.  It's more nerve-racking.  It pushes you to push yourself more.  And if you're a Creative, this kind of stress is what you live for.

Ok, I'll admit this post is more of an internal dialogue.  I've been winning plenty of skirmishes lately and I'm pretty sure I'm finally owning this year.  But not without battle wounds and a little bit of ego maiming here and there.  So this is just to remind me that all is fair in love and war.  Although painful from time to time, I do love what I do, and I'm willing to slay for it.

That said, let's go back to polishing our blades, men!


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