7 Deadly FREELANSins

While sitting here, doodling, thinking of how the month of May almost drove me to the brink of insanity... I had a moment to reflect on sins.  Why?  Well, when you're thatclose to losing it, you find solace in the fact that you're not the only crazy one out there.  There's a whole bunch of you freelancers who --at one time-- have shed their morals just to get food on the table.  Or, an iPad 3 on the table.  Depends on your priorities.

You may not have done it intentionally, but what the heck --let's see how you've sinned.

WRATH.  Don't tell me you've never had those episodes.  I mean, what can you do.  When you're on your own, things don't always work out the way you want them to.  Just don't aim for therapy, ok?  That's a 'note to self'.

SLOTH.  Hey, no one's rushing you, right?  YOU'RE your own boss.  Oh, wait, Procrastination IS your boss.  Chronic procrastination will get you nowhere, by the way.  If you have mold on your back, you already knew that.

ENVY.  Some lucky and loaded freelancers have the coolest gadgets.  They say it's so they can work anytime, anywhere.  But I think it's so they can show off, too.  I'm bitter, ya happy??

GREED.  You're not getting regular pay, you don't have benefits, you don't know when your next check is coming.  You know what, greed is such a strong word.  I call this survival.  Hehe...

GLUTTONY.  Whaaat!  You just experienced a miracle!  You got a big, fat check!  What are you gonna do with it?  Frame it?!
Save it, you say?  Save?  I can't hear you...

LUST.  Here's a scenario:  Your freelancer friend has a cool client who also happens to be a plump cash cow.  You don't.  Are you going to be a snake in the grass or just drool from afar?  Ooh, I know someone who'd snake it... and did.

Me, I just drool.  After all, I have...
PRIDE.  Being a freelancer doesn't mean you have to go that low.  In fact, you don't need to depend on anyone to get by.  More importantly, you don't need anyone's pity.  Why, you're frakkin' cool!  So frakkin' there! (please refer to first doodle)

That's how my simple doodling escalated to biblical proportions.  Not that I'm saying going morally astray is cool.  It's just that in the middle of the chaos called freelancing, we do tend to lose it... without meaning to.  If you haven't made a sick habit out of it, ok, you're excused for now.

So, how have you sinned today?


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