Burn, Baby, Burn.

Sometimes, to get a move on, all you need is a round house kick in the right direction.

When our ancient iMac finally met its demise around the same time burn out was looming its evil head, my hubby Kalakal Kid made that big brave move to ...TAN-TA-RAN-TAAAN!... career change.
From being the sleepless art director mercenary of the cut-throat advertising industry to the sleepless entrepreneur of the ultra-challenging food business.

I know.  I said 'what the...!', too.

But that's really how you fight burn out.  Grow a backbone and boldly go where you've never gone before.  Ditch all inhibitions and comfort zones and look deep into yourself with this burning question:  Seriously, is art directing/designing/writing all I know?  You must have a hobby in there that deserves its own limelight.  You could be the next cross stitch queen and not even know it!

Well, other than dabbling with Photoshop, Kalakal Kid knew how to cook.  I mean, REALLY, knew how to cook.  But when you've done nothing but be an adman all your life, you can't just drop it and grab a sauce pan.  It took years of thinking, feeling... mostly feeling.  Emotion has a lot to do with a career change.  It's looking away from everything you've learned in college and going by your heart's desire.

More years of convincing himself until ultimately, the round house kick happened. The iMac died.  His job requirements (which he didn't care much for anymore) were all put on hold.  We had enough money to get a new 'second hand' mac or put up a little eatery in the front yard.  Guess where he went.
A couple of more minutes of soul searching and the rest is history.

Kalakal Kid's BULALO MISMO now stands mighty and proud, and so does my husband who has never been happier scalding his fingers in the fruits of newfound labor.
Bulalo Mismo passionately and deliciously operates from 5pm to sawa, every Tuesdays to Sundays.

Yes, it has to be 'to sawa'.  Because if there's one thing my hubby can't seem to let go of, it's doing OT.


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