The Masochistic Multitasker

3 company IDs.
9 email addresses.
5 business titles.
And dozens of kung-saan-na-lang-abutin work stations.

That's freelancing for ya.  Busy, crazy, fun.  Until someone loses an eye.

If you're a masochistic multitasker like I am, you gotta keep 4 things in mind if you want to stay in this ultimately rollercoastery gun-for-hire biz.

Categorization.  No one's going to do work traffic for you so you do it yourself.  Segregate clients by folders.  Don't just leave projects lying around on your desktop or you'll get confused.  Better yet. segregate them by computers.  If you do face time in a couple of offices,  keep each company's projects in their own computer.  Organized chaos.  Learn it.

Confidentiality.  Stop sharing info.  Freelancing isn't Facebook.  Stop telling people what projects you're doing and what clients you're handling.  No matter how tempting, don't share strat plans, creative executions, production details. You don't want to be a leak and you don't want to get banned.  You say you have common decency?  Well, here's your chance to prove it.

Commitment.  Bite the bullet only when you can chew it.  If you keep saying yes and then start messing up requirements due to lack of time, lack of sleep, lack of breathing space --no one's to blame but you.  Take only the projects you can sincerely pour your energy and creativity in, in the time you've specifically alotted for each.
Oh, and if you're writing and presenting a pitch for one agency, please don't write and present for the same pitch for another agency.  Again, commitment and common decency.

Coffee.  Self-explanatory.


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