Energizer and Nuffnang bring you The Amazing Spiderman

Energizer and Nuffnang power my lifestyle through amazing, longest lasting relationships.
Energizer powers my remote for more TV time, my wiimote for more playtime, and my desk lamp for more work and crafts time.
Nuffnang powers my mind with more workshops, my body with more parties, and my heart with more and more contest opportunities and prizes.
Double woot!
Be it a relationship with gadgets or with the most interesting people in the blogosphere --Energizer and Nuffnang definitely got my back.

But these two are at their most amazing when they work together to power Nikita... my Nikon camera.  (Yes, I name my gadgets.  You can't have relationships with nameless entities, right?)

Whenever I cover a Nuffnang event, I make sure I bring along my Nikita all pumped up with Energizer energy.  I bring along my relentless agility and passion for the perfect shot, too --like I always do when photo ops are presented.  You have no idea what lengths I go to when taking pictures for my blog.  I'm like a spider on steroids! 

I dangle from great heights for that awesome food shot.
I swing from one pillar to the other for that most dynamic fashion spread.
I risk life and limb for that most captivating 8th wonder of the world capture.
The amazing thing is that my Energizer-powered Nikita keeps up with my Nuffnang-powered self.  Now, that's the longest lasting relationship between superpowers if you ask me.

Speaking of amazing superpowers, the Energizer and Nuffnang tandem just got even better.  They're working together --again!-- this time to bring The Amazing Spiderman to the big screen on June 29, 2012 (Friday) at the Powerplant Mall.  This premiere is going to be the web everyone will want to get stuck on this season!

Oops!  My Spidey senses are tingling.  This event sounds like another job for my Energizer-powered Nikita and my Nuffnang-powered self!  *snap-snap*

So glad I have this amazing, longest lasting relationship going. :)


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