My O.T. Playlist

If you're doing overtime alone (and if you're a freelancer, you usually do),  then like any heart-thumping, spine-tingling, action-packed movie --this event needs a soundtrack.

There's nothing like music for companionship in the dead of the night.  It keeps you awake.  It keeps you from feeling 'wawa'.  And if you're going to be all heroic by taking on a rush job on your own, man, you do deserve an official soundtrack just as Daniel Craig deserves a signature Bond rift every time he lifts an eyebrow.

I suggest you start your soundtrack happy.  Pop is good, but I prefer beach music.  I'm delusional like that.  Let's pretend being rushed inhumanely and working while everyone else sleeps is a good thing.  Yeeeah!

Suddenly, midnight bitchslaps you back to reality.  You're not at the beach.  In fact, like a normal human being, you ARE sleepy!  Time for some wake-up music.  I go for dance beats that are a little on the rebellious side.  Controversial songs keep me alert.

Ok, you're in the zone now.  A good idea has finally arrived and you don't want to be distracted as you milk it.  But you don't want to be choked by deafening silence either.  What you need is a drone.  A trance.  For this, I choose my favorite Daywalker. 
Daywalker.  How appropriate.

Hark!  Was that an eager rooster I hear?  It's almost sun-up and you're still attaching files that are way too heavy to attach in the first place!  It feels like a losing battle.  It feels like irony, angst, peppered with just the right amount of crazy.  It feels like... Manson.

Oh my gawd, Crunch Time!  But now you're just going through the motions because you know you're already out of the woods.  You're gonna make the deadline!  Glorious music, on!  Let's go for major rah-rah!  Me, I let my geekiness overflow at this point with some Super Mario Final Battle triumphant tunes. I am so cool. :D

Musical tastes vary, of course.
My own musical taste can change right after writing this.
But one thing's for sure.  In this late night, last full show called OT, come to battle with a soundtrack.  Seriously.  If you're going to stress yourself out to near coma, at least do it in song.


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