That's the Plan, my man!

One of my biggest New Year challenges is hunting for that perfect planner.  I don't have a secretary, I don't have an AE, I don't have a team to remind me what's going on when I get Alzheimer's attacks.  So the planner is a darn important tool in this solo biz of mine.

More importantly, the planner is something you're stuck with for 365 days.  It's a commitment.
And I commit to goddamn perfection!

Alright, after that sweeping statement, I present to you my 2013 planner:  The Filed 2013 Doodle Planner.  Why in God's name has this made me a happier RaketChick?  Read f*cking on!

MONTHLY BREAKERS OF COOLNESS.  Being a freelancer is stressful enough.  You need a little fun in your life.  Filed gives you just that.  Start your every month with a toothy, cartoony smile!
I'm cheap.  I look for comfort anywhere I can.

APPOINTMENT LOG IN COMIC BOOK FORM.  Now meeting with that cranky client gives you a feeling of joy!  Ok, maybe not.  But it will look a whole lot better when you jot the schedule down.  The tiny blurb box at the bottom of each day is reserved for your 24-hour highlight.  I like that. I'd like to think something worthwhile happens to me on a daily basis.

Wuut!  AN EXPENSE TRACKER!  Budgeting is a freelancer's fire breathing dragon.  If you don't know how to track it, you'll just lose it... and it will set fire to the farm and all your personal belongings.  There you go.  Filed helps you out.  This makes billing and collection a breeze, too.

DOODLE TIME PAGES!  Definitely my favorite part of the Filed Planner.  Aside from taking down notes, I love doodling when I'm jumping the gun and already conceptualizing during a client briefing.  When the briefing starts to bore me to tears, I also take to doodling.  Either way, the monthly doodle page is welcomed with the tightest, warmest of hugs.

With all that in one handy, hardbound baby, it earns the Raketista's It Rocks Seal of Approval!

I got my Filed Planner from Fullybooked for a little over Php500.  Aim for perfection and go get yours, too.
Yep, still sweeping.  But heck, it IS awesome, doncha think?


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