TRANCElations (I just had to!)

Last night's OT music and inspiration:  Time 2, Trance On Guitar by Ewan Dobson.

It's the destined soundtrack to a late night toiling away trying to translate a high-budget creative idea into a low-budget production reality.
Also applicable when you're translating a 5-minute AVP into a teensy-weensy ear ad.  Or, when you're translating a Governor's speech into a catchy jingle targeting teens.

Why, this musical piece proves that --with the right spattering of talent and ingenuity-- any concept can be translated into a variety of executions.  Seriously, this is trance ...on a frakkin' acoustic guitar!
Granted, the man does have mad strumming skills.  But it should be something us raketistas aspire for if we wanna make positive mountains out of what appear to be negative mole hills, right?  You play with the cards you're dealt with, so play them with all the passion for out-of-the-boxness you've got!

Techno music to acoustic.  High budget to low budget.  Is this post quite a stretch?  Possibly.  But that's how it is in the world of creative translations.


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