The Partnership Rantage

Every now and then, your solo existence gets intrigued by the call of a collab.  Some person (a friend, an acquaintance, a complete stranger) walks up to you with the promise of better business IF you partner with her.  Being the business-minded raketista you are, you say, "Hell, yeah!"
And that's when all hell breaks loose.

That's why keeping your eyes open when getting into a partnership is crucial.  It's kinda like getting serious with a boy.  You don't just go to bed with him with your heart.  You also check for condom availability, commitment, and chances of STD with your mind.
Bad, bad metaphor.  Tsk.

So let's look at the tell-tale signs of a bad partnership in the making, shall we?

Are you going in the same direction with this partnership?  Or is she a noob who's just there for the ride?   Or worse, is she a needy, clingy leech who just wants to pick your brain for, like, forever for, like, kicks?

Are you clear on the scope of work you guys have to take on to get this thing flying?  Is she as driven as you?  This isn't a charity foundation, my friend.  It's a business deal.  Unfortunately, everyone has to pull her own weight.

Background is everything.  That's why you strive to beef up your quality body of work.  If you've got something awesome to put on the table, she has to at least have 3/4 of her own awesomeness to offer, too.  If not...

Unpartner... NOW!
Business partnerships are serious shit!  Do background checks.  Dig during conversations.  See if this deal --which may pull you away a lot from your existing clientele-- is really worth the shit.

You can do some internal thinking, too.  Do you really need a solid partnership?  Or maybe just fleeting ones?  Some raketistas are actually better off alone.  In the name of freedom, independence, and all that.
And when you're running this show solo, you don't need anyone weighing you down.


  1. I love your writing style. And I totally agree with everything you said! :) Love the last photo. haha. :P

  2. Shucks, thanks, Maggie! :P COFFEEEE!!!


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