A Hobby Finds A Voice

You cannot be a raketista unless you have hobbies. A life outside work. A concept of fun times.
And, being the clever money-maker you are, you make money out of them.

That said, aside from writing, I also do voice. For years, I have lent my vocal chords to several TV and radio ads for the sheer joy of it. Mostly character voices because I've always loved doing impressions, even as a child.

Let's see... I've done a whimpering battered wife, an annoying 'Madam, Sir' saleswoman, an evil cackling Snake Queen, a bunch of singing ala-Sex Bomb fairies, a baby, an arrogant bitch of a mother-in-law, and several actress impressions when they're too busy to attend recording sessions.

Basically, I do any voice as long as it isn't mine.

I don't make character-voicing a career. Like I said, it's a hobby. But I do put my all into it simply because I like doing it. And... it pays. :P

If you have a hobby that has very little to do with what you do for a living, why not see if you can make a little extra (and fun!) living out of it? Because that's just what true-blue raketistas do.

Just for the heck of it, I'm throwing in this Tom Hiddleston Impressions video because this is what inspired me to write this post in the first place. Loki is my latest fangirling obsession. Teehee. *le spazz*

*Video creds to those named in the links


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