An Action-Packed Expression of Love

Hubby knows I'm not a 'Give me flowers' kind of girl. I'got this independent, confident, no-nonsense personality that doesn't really go well with a fresh bouquet of long-stemmed roses.
Buuut... there was one occasion when that tough girl resolve crumbled. And guess who was there to save the day?

It all started when I decided to ditch the corporate world to become a freelancer. Now, freelancing is a tough every-man-for-himself world. I was sure I could ace it though. After all, I am awesome. *snicker*

I can ambush client after client!

I can attack project after project!

Just as I was basking in the glow of my new-found freedom, reality bit. HARD. It's been months and I haven't gotten a single client. This self-employed bit might not be that easy after all. *gulp*

Months crept into a full year. THAT'S when I lost it!

In a snap, I wasn't that tough girl anymore. I was beat. I was genuinely falling apart.

Can you blame me? Money wasn't coming in, but bills were. Boy, was I quivering bundle of nerves then!

And then...

Without telling me, Hubby had called The sneaky little devil got me a HUGE bouquet of long-stemmed roses! The prettiest things I've ever seen! And it also came with chocolates! And a cutesy-wootsey teddy bear! *embarrasing giggle*
I'm no flower expert but I could tell those were high quality flora. The gifts that came with it were also top-rung. PHGifts IS the leading online flowers and gifts shop in the country, so there's really no doubting that. Hubby told me the PHGifts staff was ultra-freindly. And the delivery was extra prompt. In fact, at that moment, PHGifts couldn't have come at a better time.

Just like that, I felt a whole lot better. I should've known Hubby wasn't buying my tough girl act for one minute. Lol! And girls, no matter how independent and confident we may be --we will always, ALWAYS love flowers. Guys know that.

After a big smile appeared on my face (a smile that hasn't been there for over a year!), I'm converted. I'm now a 'Give me flowers' girl! More specifically, a 'Give me PHGifts girl'! For special occasions or just when when Hubby and I want to celebrate togetherness and ze love.

Oh, just so you know, I've finally got my freelancing mojo on. Now I'm swamped with work and stress to no end! *sigh* 
Honey! I need flowers!!!!

For any occasion, for any reason, click for PHGifts, ManilaBlossoms, or PhilFlora.

*Background images and comic bubbles from 123RF. Thanks!


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