You publish on Blogger, post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, share on Instagram, note on Tumblr, upload on YouTube. Wow! That makes you quite the modern Homosapien, huh?
Hmm... not quite. Because social media is actually a huge information jungle. Which makes everyone living and breathing it, a social animal.

WILD, right? Oh, you don't know half of it.
And you will at the NUFFNANG BLOGOPOLIS #INTO THE WILD (Weaving Information for the Leaders of the Digital World).

Nuffnang has always been the roadrunner in the blogosphere biz. But this year, it's spreading its wings to embrace all things social networking. In this day-long event, bloggers, online influencers, students, digital marketing officers, and advertisers will enjoy a feeding frenzy of social media know-how and the latest in digital marketing and advertising trends. Brought to you by some of the alpha names in the social networking animal kingdom.

Think of NUFFNANG BLOGOPOLIS #INTO THE WILD as a hunting ground where you can finally pick up the scent on Internet-use insights and instincts. Now you'll know if you're sharing the right info with the right flock of Twitterers or the right pride of Instagrammers.

For example... if you were to look at my raketista side, I'd be a dragon.

Because I view myself as all wise (ahem, ahem). You know, posting expert freelancing survival tips, gramming flashy outworldly sketches, tweeting sensational advertising issues with my fiery tongue. With this background, I would most probably gravitate to badass business hashtags.

Then again, if you were to look at my parenting side, I would be a duck.
make a gif
Proudly updating my sites with my children's photos, funny kiddie anecdotes, school arts and crafts projects. I would most likely follow or subscribe to other cutesy, motherly online pages. Yeah, I have a rather goofy alter ego. (No, RaketChick! YOU'RE the alter ego!)

Schizophrenia aside, NUFFNANG BLOGOPOLIS #INTO THE WILD should be a wisdom-worthy wild ride. Sign up today. Avoid the stampede. For more information, drag your shiny claws here.


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