Those Big Blogopolis Blurbs

"No need to buy a ticket, RaketChick. You're on our guest list!" -Nuffnang Philippines
That would be the first, COOLEST info I got that is anything and everything Blogopolis-related.

The second would be...
"We have unli-coffee!" -Hotel Intercon Caterer

And then...
"Here's your survival kit and treasure map. When you complete the stickers, you get qualified for the raffle." -Blogopolis Registration
This is why I love going to Blogopolis. There's always adventure! And a raffle. :)

After that, it's all blurbs on the wonders of blogging coupled with the technology of social media. Another reason why Blogopolis is an annual must for me: Fresh pickins' on new insights that empower the blogging experience. All delivered in the most engaging way possible by my favorite blogger/speakers.

On Modern Day Bayanihan.
"We are encouraging our journalists to do live blogs. Real stories help. Bloggers, you have great power today." -Rappler

On Podcasting.
"I wanted to level up. Keep doing what you need to do to keep your passion going. That's what will sustain you." -Dessert Comes First

On The New Nation.
"Everyone will be famous for one tweet, one blog. I don't think you're a real netizen if you haven't been praised AND condemned." -Jim Paredes

On Guiding Traffic Back To Your Blog
"In traditional media, you have a captured audience. In blogging, you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google..." -Manila Fashion Observer

On Account Management.
"Your social media accounts reflect WHO YOU ARE. What you cannot say in person, do not say online." -Chuckie Dreyfus

On Making Your Own Media Kit.
"You don't have to say yes to every client. You have to protect the image of your blog." -Googly Gooeys

On Making Your Blog Big.
"Break the story now, edit later. When you've reached your first million page views, aim for the next million." -Yugatech

On Memes And Sudden Fame.
"I uploaded my pick-up lines on YouTube for my friends. But after that, everyone knew me." -Kimpoy Feliciano

So much like last year, each segment was followed by an educational and entertaining Q&A. What made this Blogopolis different though are certain awards given away. Maria Ressa of Rappler (the only journalist I know who puts so much heart into reporting) was honored with the Ripple Effect Award which she so rightfully deserves!

Long after the night came to a close, the tweets, posts, uploads, blurbs documenting how awesome Blogopolis: Into the Wild was, kept on pouring. Proof that bloggers do pick up on knowledge fast, and that they adapt to the changing times in LTE speed.

The goodies did their own pouring, too. Allowing every blogger to leave the premises with heads full of learning and hands full of loot. If that doesn't seal the deal on a successfully WISDOM-FILLED, WILD day, I don't know what would.

"Thanks again, Nuffnang! Same time next year!" -RaketChick


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