Project Teaser

Leave it to me to have absolutely no EQ.
I was planning to sleep through the waiting process, but I can't. I'm way too excited!
So I'm gonna try and calm myself down a bit by giving you a sneak peak of this huge project I'm hurling at you tomorrow. YES, TOMORROW!

Still no spoilers, but at least I got some weight off of my chest. Haha!

Oh! Oh! And I got a brand new spankin' Facebook page! Hey, yeah! You should check it out. Lots of updates for the project going on there. Heee... I love calling it 'the project'.
And, of course, you guys know my Twitter and Instagram. Oh, you don't? Oh, well. They're there.

I guess these little clues I'm tossing your way mean we're off to something big. Hell, yeah! It will all unravel tomorrow. That is, if I don't get an excitement-induced heart attack before then.

*sleep... sleep... please sleep*


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