After several months of unforgivable no-show, this is what I have to show for it. A planner! No, no. Not just any planner. This is the badass kind. It's a Freelancer's Sanity and Survival Planner. Specifically engineered to fight battles every raketista faces on their own, on a daily basis. When you're running a business solo, you gotta have some pretty nifty ammo, right? And this --THIS, my fellow freelancers-- is your atomic bomb.

Man, I am dramatic AF, I swear! 

Still, RaketChick's WHATDA! ANONG PETSA NA?! is a loaded planner. It has...
1. A Year-Long Mission Map
2. Monthly Run-Throughs and Sum-Ups
3. Valuable Raketips
4. A Budget and Project Tracker
5. Raket-fueled Comic Pages
It has everything a control freak, fun time freelancer could ever want and need. And with RaketChick taking you through every turn, this time management endeavor is bound to get action-packed.

Yeah, I see you drooling...

So this is what you do.
1. You click this ANVIL PUBLISHING button for a copy.
2. Or, you head on out to the 38th Manila International Book Fair at the SMX Convention Center. RaketChick's WHATDA! ANONG PETSA NA?! will be there until September 17.
3. Or, drop by National Bookstore.

It will be a wise move to subscribe to ANVIL and RAKETCHICK's Facebook pages for the latest updates on freelancing badassery, too.

Now, start kicking ass, freelancer!


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