RaketChick, Reloaded

I've been gone forever, I know.
But I have massive reason.
I've been busy with a huge project and some major changes are expected to happen soon.
Starting with... RaketChick's look.

Yep, more streamlined. Tougher, sexier stance. None of my usual doodles. I'm not saying that my doodles are dead. Definitely, no. They'll make sneaky comebacks every now and then, especially when I need to drop quick blog bombs on pertinent freelancing issues.
But for now, the chick you see here is going to grab the spotlight. Why, yes, you'd be happy to know that the monsters have not left the building. Hehe...

These redesigns are made by my good and fantabulous artist friend, fellow freelancer, Bleps. You should look her up on Instagram. Blepsc. Her art is so, so, so pretty! The dark, goth touch of RaketChick isn't her usual shtick though so you know she went through some challenge to get to the final design. Plus, I'm a certified perfectionist and a bully. But she did aweome! Like, hell awesome! See the historical reel below.

So, what is up with all these changes. Oh, you'll find out soon.
For now, I'll just leave you with a sense of confusion. AND a shining, shimmering hope for greater things to come in the world of freelancing.
Oooh... that ending is so cool, ain't it?


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