Just How Big Are You?

It is the age of bagsak-presyo, isn't it?
You find new players posting painfully low professional fees left and right. And now you're sitting there royally pissed.

Don't these people have any self-respect?! Isn't this making my rate card look bad?! Is this their way of stealing business from me?! Am I supposed to drop my rates, too?! Is this going to be the norm?!

Okay, sit yourself down. Instead of viewing this phenomenon as a personal attack on you, why don't you switch perspectives for one minute. And think...

Do these newbies really know what the going rates are? If they're new to the business, then maybe not. So instead of spewing hatred on them, you --as the veteran independent professional-- should educate them, right?

Do these newbies even care about their craft? Of course, they do. But being fresh into the fold, they wouldn't have that much of an experience nor the kind of confidence you may have. They could be easily costing according to their own judgment of themselves. Wouldn't it be better if you help boost their egos then?

Do you know what these newbies are going through? Believe it or not, some freelancers aren't in it for the long haul. Some become freelancers out of desperation. May pinagdadaanan lang. You can tell because they posted their rates instead of their portfolio. Who knows? They might need a quick buck to solve a grave personal problem you know nothing about.

Do these newbies actually bother you? Honestly, they shouldn't. The kind of client who goes for  is not the kind of client you should be attracting anyway.

So be the bigger person. You have the feather in your cap, the laurels to lie on. You can help these fledglings achieve the kind of freelance status you have. The world already has enough hatred. It's time to lift each other up. You know, get bigger together and all that.

And if all that mush doesn't appeal to you, then look at it this way --You were once small, too.


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