Six Things You Miss Which You Don't Have To Miss This Christmas

Freelancing is great.
That is, until the feast of jolly old Saint Nicholas rolls in.
Despite your love for NO TIME SHEETS, 'tis the season when you get plagued with the memory of all the things you sacrificed to become an independent professional. Feeling nostalgic? Feeling a bit of regret? A little bitter holiday bashing maybe? That is all too natural. But don't be a hater! All these are too easy a rut to get out of.


NO CHRISTMAS BONUS. Isn't this a killer? Everyone you know is rejoicing the arrival of their 13th month pay and you're sitting there with the saddest smile on your face. The holiday is when you'd love to buy a big ticket item and usually it's the bonus that fuels that dream to reality. So, save! Build yourself a Christmas fund. Months before December, start stowing away a percentage of your earnings into a vault that you shouldn't open until the air starts to get chilly. Now you and your friends can buy the latest gadgets at the same time. Think of it as a personal Christmas gift. You know, like a bonus.

NO CHRISTMAS BASKET. You're twiddling your thumbs wondering how you can possibly put Noche Buena on the table while your friends happily post the one thousand and one contents of their Christmas baskets online. Ouch. This shouldn't really be a problem since Christmas baskets are sold in every supermarket across the land. What's more, you can choose the items that go into your Christmas basket. None of them organic cookies from a company that's all about health. Get the unhealthy ones. Yeeeah...

NO COMPANY CHRISTMAS PARTY. If you're an introvert, this isn't anything you'd miss. But if you're a social butterfly, the lack of a party in this season of festivities is pretty much suicide. So, set up your own celebration! Invite co-freelancers, business partners. Heck, even clients. Make this a thanksgiving-strengthening-relationships event. Have everyone help out with venue and decor and all that. Make it an exciting You-have-to-be-there thing!
NO CHRISTMAS RAFFLE. And while you're at it, have your clients sponsor some awesome raffle prizes. Or maybe you can get some of your freelancer friends pitch in for something grand. It doesn't even have to be super grand if you're spending for it yourself. Oh, wait... this means you don't get to win the raffle prize, doesn't it? Pfft! It's the season for giving, my friend. Time to switch that get-get-get mentality around.

NO INTERDEPARTMENTAL PRODUCTION NUMBER. I don't know about you, but I miss this shit. Not only because I'm competitive af, but I also love performing like an idiot on stage. This can be arranged as well. In fact, any form of game and embarrassing activity can be planned for your huge thanksgiving-strengthening-relationships party. You don't have HR breathing down your neck with Do's and Dont's so this is the opportune time to let loose!

NO MONTH-LONG SECRET SANTA. Something hard. Something cold. Something yucky. Hang on. You miss this? Seriously? *backs away really slow-like*

See? You don't need a company to make Christmas happen. All you need is the company of smarts, creativity, and some good friends. Soon enough. you'll realize you're really not missing a thing.

Merry Christmas, Freelancer!


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