Of Reunions and Rants

Family reunions are upon as again! This, by far, is the most challenging part of your existence, freelancer. Because no matter how many times you explain what you do for a living, the titos and titas will judge you. Yup, not ask you. JUDGE you.
If this is your first time, take note of the following questions you may have to answer at the Christmas dinner table.

How do you deflect such prying queries and heart-stabbing declarations, you ask? Easy. You don't. You can be as vague as possible in your replies. Remember, this isn't a board exam. It's just small talk. The only thing you need to do is assure them that you're doing fine.

You'll need a truckload of patience and understanding, too. Be reminded that the titos and titas are old school. They come from a generation that believes in desk jobs and suits as the epitome of life's success. So don't go on the defensive about working from home in pajamas. Humor them. And yes, make sure to reiterate that you're doing great.

Are they going to badmouth you behind your back? Huge possibility, yes. Saying you're a freelancer can sometimes be as juicy a chismis as saying you've changed your religion or your gender. So they will talk about it. But hey, do you care? You're a freelancer and you're made of sturdier stuff.

Just enjoy the Noche Buena with your family.
Or, drink enough eggnog to blot out the presence of family. Haha!
Good luck!


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