Raket Kamp: Getting Your Idea Out There

3 days later and I am still reeling from the delightful whiplash of a back-to-back book launch. IT. WAS. INSANE! And it was all thanks to some brilliant people who believed in me and my crazy-ass imagination. Take note of this, you starving artists, you. If you have an awesome idea, have enough confidence to go on ahead and share it. If your idea is as awesome as you think, friends and family will back you up.

Case in point, RaketChick's RAKET KAMP brimmed with glorious badassery --from the entrance arch to the stage set-up, from the book trailers to the survival challenges, from the snacks to the freebies.

It was a small step in getting RaketChick's boot in the door, and a huge two-step in the direction of empowering freelancers.

I'm looking forward to more great things as soon my aftershocks die down. I have more ideas brimming.
As always, I will have the confidence to share.


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