Take it away, Boracay Rum!

You think greedy, super hero complex-stricken workaholics don't have fun???
Well, excu-uuu-se me!  For your information, we have that magical little thing called 'escapism'.  Oh yeah.  And I bet you don't know where that takes us.
Heck, escapism takes us far and wide.  Minutes after battling it out with a series of inhumanely rushed ad campaign requirements, we lounge on the soft, powdery sands of Boracay.  The clincher:  We don't even have to travel.  So there.

This bodacious brand of escapism can only be powered by Boracay Rum.  Tanduay's flavored fusion that --even as I sit cozily here in the city-- allows me to capture that most awesome Boracay island experience gulp after gulp.  Niiice...
THAT'S where Boracay Rum takes me.  But, where do I take IT?

After a hard day, I take Boracay Rum to any close-to-comfy nook to unwind.  And Voila!  I'm suddenly transported to a crocheted hammock swinging in the salty breeze.

I take it with me when closing a deal with a fully-loaded client.  Hey, presto!  The office morphs into the coolest splish-splash of an instant mini party by the sea.

I take it to celebrate after winning a business pitch and slaying a larger advertising competitor.  Bada-bing-bada-boom!  That's a one-way teleportation ticket to epic beach clubbing where I happen to be the star.

I take it to honor the beauty that is teamwork between art director/husband and writer/wife.  And BAM!  There's my  horizon ...complete with burning sunset, lapping waves, rustling sand, and some Beach Boys soundtrack too soft to hear.

Ah yes.  Authentic Boracay vibe in a bottle, that's Boracay Rum.  The magic is in its Capuccino and Coconut flavors.  Close your eyes, take a sip, and those tastes WILL definitely blow you away.

So where will I take Boracay Rum to next?  Anywhere that calls for a quick escape to Boracay, of course.  Us greedy, super hero complex-stricken workaholics do have fun in style after all.

Boracay Rum.  Kampai to the fly!


  1. hi raket chick! good day. can I use one of these great photos, to be paste in my photo that i will going to submit for my upcoming competition for MAFBEX2011? hoping for your positive response. Tanduay kasi yung sponsor. thanks :D

  2. Sure, Sam! As long as you remember me when you rise to the top. Haha! Good luck!

  3. thanks karen :) much thanks talaga. hehe nakow, mukhang malabong maka-rise ako form the top, national competition yun eh first time to compete pala ako. hehehe experience lang :D thank you so much,. highly appreciated :D

  4. wow! raket chick! super nice! way to go! congratulations on your win, truly well deserved! enjoy boracay! ;D

  5. thanks, thanks, and thanks, Des! :)

  6. OMG. Grats on winning the contest. Sadly, my entry didn't stand a chance on yours. :/ HAHA.

    You can check it here: http://jep-s.blogspot.com/2011/05/where-will-i-take-my-boracay-rum.html

  7. Very nice entry! Congrats! :-)

  8. wow cute post. congratulations!!!

  9. Thanks, Jep, LhanLhan, Rod, and Chino! :P

  10. very cute :3 and congrats you've won the contest!


  11. very creative... hand salute + praise vow

  12. aww, shucks... :P thanks, palakanton!


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