Writer's Log

For the past two months, I have written medical reports, letters to the government, affidavits, rockstar contracts, recipe procedures, and obituaries.
Stuff I never thought I'd write.
It was one unfamiliar territory after another AND I never said no.  Not just because I needed the dough, but because I wanted to push myself.  Just to see if this old, stubborn, advertising-bred brain of mine is still capable of absorbing new found knowledge.

Sure, it was a laugh-a-sec at first.  Then eventually, I got my mojo going and it was smooth sailing through each zany journey with my trusty Macbook, Diego.
The biggest hurdle really was shedding creativity.  You can't be too artsy when writing an obit.  Building drama to a big finish doesn't work that well on legal documents, too.  Can you imagine how difficult it was to stop myself from writing a vaginal surgery pun???

When you think about it, freelancing teaches you one crucial trait:  Versatility.
Or to put it plainly and poetically, "You shall never go to war unarmed again!"
At Raketsville, you can't be all diva and say, "Oh I don't write that kind of shit.  Pass it on to this and that department."  You don't do windows, eh?  Hello, research!  Drop that and that's a lead and a whole basket of future opportunities down the drain.  Remember, the world of rakets is a piranha pond.  No, a war zone.  You can't just keep shooting with a .45.  You have to learn how to wield a samurai, too.

So keep an open mind, sport a lot of guts, beef up your arsenal and you'll be fine.
An old Creative Director once told me... A good writer can write anything.  Let's prove her right, shall we?

These weird two months don't happen all the time, and I'm not entirely sure if I want them to.  But yeah, bring it on.  My brain has never had a good massage in years.


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