Create a Spark --Nuff said!

Sometimes there is raket downtime.  This is good because this means you can give your brain and your fingers the much-needed rest.  Just make sure the downtime doesn't stretch for too long, or this will mean hunger pangs.
Anyway, exactly what do I do during the slump?  I blog.  Why?  Because I can't stand a single minute without cooking up a gaining scheme, that's why.  Greed is a good thing to have when you do freelance.  And I mean greed in a good way.  Promise.

I have a plethora of online financial feeders --all of which earn, well, kinda slow.  Not that I'm complaining.  Blogging isn't really a career, you know.  But it's a slowly-but-surely earning activity, which on the upside, I like doing.

In fact, I have a couple of favorites.

Create a Spark!
Social Spark is a blog marketing site.  Once inside its stable, it will peddle your blog to a host of clientele.  And that's why you're motivated to have good material each time.  Once chosen to blog about a product, you get sent an 'opportunity' notice which you can accept or deny depending on the price negotiation.  Uh-huh, you get to bid for your talent's worth.  When things are finally agreed on, you get sent a briefing --kinda like a JO.  You blog and payment is sent to you just like *snaps fingers* that.  Easy money.  No revisions whatsoever.  Sweet!

Nuff said!
Nuffnang, on the other hand, is a blogging community.  What it has going for it are the blog contests it puts out for its community members.  It's a healthy competition of creativity, and the prizes up for grabs are always uber cool.  Periodically, contest mechanics for selling a certain product are laid out for you to follow.  You blog, and hope for the best.  It's not an easy score like Social Spark but it does push you to post a better blog.  Plus, it's more fun!  When you win *snaps fingers again*, there's fanfare!  Again, no revisions whatsoever.  Sweet!

Either way, you get a little extra at the time when you're not supposed to be getting anything at all.  That's making perfect use of your time.
Or maybe that's being a workaholic again.
Oh, what do you care --it's my downtime anyway.  Hmmph.


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