Out-of-the-box has never been Scarier

You know that concept that makes your client twitch a little, sweat a little, and then say... "Are you freaking out of your mind???"
That's what we're gunning for!
Out of your mind.  Out of the box.

But of course, those ideas --although guaranteed to reap the most uncomfortably favorable ooohs and aaahs during presentation-- never really see the light of production day.  You get the heartbreaking "The target market isn't ready for that kind of execution yet." or "It doesn't jive with the brand architecture." or the dreaded "It's too creative!"  Say what?  Why did you get me for the job again?

Luckily, some fearless admen do fight.  And some forward-thinking clients do win.  These works can be seen meticulously compiled in one of the most creative receptacles known to man.  No, I'm not talking about Clio, not Cannes.  I'm talking about Scary Ideas.

Never heard of it?  Well, scaryideas.com has a rich assemblage of disturbing yet cool print ads, TV ads, below-the-line materials, activation executions, and everything else the safer side of the advertising world has seen but would rather not get into.  It's like witchcraft --except it sells and doesn't really get your soul in trouble.  Much.

Go through the site and enjoy.  Be inspired.  See hope.  Feel brazen.
The proverbial out-of-the-box advertising can still happen.  And just like real life, we should all go a little mad and menacing sometimes.


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