First Impression Calms

Some drink, some go target-shooting, some sleep for 3 days straight with a bag of chips in their hand --recuperating from a a full, nil-sleep of work week is very subjetive.  To a classier lot, it would be going to the spa.  Now mind you, I'm not the latter.  I'm not classy enough.  Plus, I have an issue about a complete stranger poking my naked body.  The last person who tried to give me a shih-tzu got a shine-tzu to the left eye.  Ugh, I'm not even kidding.

But if I were to reconsider the possibility, it will have to be at Village Sports Club's Zenith Wellness Spa.  I had a quick peak of the place and I was floored by presentation alone.

The foyer immediately gave me that elusive Zen feeling.  There, I left my issues at the door.  No point in relaxing and recharging if I went in toting bad vibes, right?

Then I took in the ambiance starting from the locker room.  That means a lot.  If I had walked into a locker room that looked and smelled like a football team's locker room, then it's over.  In complete opposite of that, Zenith is absolutely divine with its hardwood interior, calming stones, and lightly perfumed candles.  Ah, relaxation has begun.

I got the number 13 locker.  My favorite number.  Really.

The line up of mirrors framed by bamboo stalks is a nice touch, too.  I figured I'll need those to see my 'before-and-after picture'.  If I came in haggard, used, and abused, I'll need to come out looking invigorated, pink, and giddy when I check back.

Inside, it was simple and serene.  That's the best way to describe it.  Not fancy or overwhelming.  I didn't have to feel like a lost puppy in the world of puppy pampering luxury.  Nothing here but me and the infinite droning of some unearthly-type chill music.

Then the variety of oils and the actual massage were next.   The coconut oil was Zenith's pride and joy.  Eventually, it would be mine, too.


What --we're you expecting more?  Suffice to say, I did come out feeling like the fresh, calm daisy I was aiming for --and I haven't even been touched yet!

By mere appearance, Zenith Wellness has already earned its name.  And just by taking in all of that, I have already earned my first beautiful spa moment badge.
Actual immersion, without a doubt, will be next.

Now, to fit this into my goddamn calendar.  Grrr...


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