Boy, have I been a busy bee!  I still am.  But if I don't get to blog anything in the next 2 hours, I might just spontaenously combust and make a mess!

The source of this workaholic episode?  Teeth.
This is me biting more than I can chew.  Again.

I must probably be the most self-absorbed person in the whole world.  I assume that I have super powers and that I can take on loads upon loads of work because I actually believe I'm built for that kind of punishment.  But 9 days with very little sleep???  That's just.  Stupid.

Remember... (myself talking to myself) you are a FREElancer now.  So you can choose to say no, choose to resked, choose to move on, choose to live.  Look at your calendar and make sure to schedule 'come up for air' somewhere in there.  It's not just a practical move, but a healthier one.

YES!  YES!  IT'S A STICK FIGURE!  Told you I'm busy!
When you've had your fill, remember... (myself talking to myself)... your bills.  Your debts.  And that vacation you're saving for.

Ok, back to the salt mine.  At least I DID get to schedule 'coming up for air' for a few minutes.  THAT'S brilliant time management.  Haha!
See ya again when I'm breathing less rapidly!


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