Have you got an inkling about Inkling?

If you don't, let me fill you in.

Inkling is the latest in freehand digital drawing technology from Wacom.  Inkling is the phenomenon that's out to obliterate your trusty little scanner.  Inkling is also the item sitting precariously at the top of my Christmas wish list.
To be concrete about it, the life of RaketChick depends on Inkling!


Ok, too much.  But with Inkling, RaketChick will be way awesome!
HOW SO?!  *wipes off drool*

Like all Wacom products, the handsome Inkling pack comes with a pressure-sensitive pen.  You can use it on any paper surface.  So when I suddenly decide to doodle on a napkin at a coffee shop, or sketch on a corner of a spreadsheet during a boring meeting, I can use it effortlessly.
Not rocking your world yet?  Just wait.

It also comes with a receiver, which sneakily looks like the innocent clip part of a clipboard.  Just clip it on the paper as you draw... aaand... the hotdamn receiver RECORDS your sketches and STORES them right there and then!  Every freaking pen stroke!  Every goddamn smudge!  Layer upon ridiculous layer!

But it's not done.  With a USB (also with the Inkling pack), you connect the receiver to your computer.  And your sketches are quickly offloaded.  Once the illustrations are safely on your desktop, you can go on right ahead and edit them.
Oh, yeeeeah.  I can manipulate my freehand drawings onscreen!  Can you even begin to see the possibilities unfolding here?  At the last minute before publishing... I can make RaketChick grow a third leg if I wanted to!

Seriously, Inkling by Wacom is manna from heaven for raketistas whose brains and fingers never seem to rest.  Their feet, too --since non-stop visual thinkers and on-the-spot conceptualizers need to be all over the place to make money. 

And if I'm going to be on-the-go --hell yeah, I'm going with my Inkling!
Hark --do I hear Christmas bells yonder?


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