Persist, RaketChick, Persist

This isn't new news.  This handwritten inspirational letter from Pixar Animator, Austin Madison, has been circulating in Cyberworld for over a month now ...and has been sitting on Diego's (yes, my Macbook has a name) desktop for a week.
I go back to it when I'm just about to start work and need the pick-me-up.  I go back to it when I've been working for hours and need a follow-up kick to the noggin.  I go back to it when I feel the need to remind myself that creativity isn't a chore, but a gift.

To those who haven't seen this beautiful piece, here it is.

We have off days and the best way to get back on track is to get a rah-rah letter from a friend.  I honestly think it's the handwritten treatment that did it for me.  It's personal so it holds a deeper meaning.  This wouldn't work as well if it were typed in Times New Roman on an Office of the Top Honcho letterhead, believe me.

I suggest you keep Austin's letter on your desktop, too.  Something to visit and revisit when things don't work well in Raketsville.  I'm also seriously thinking of saving the letter on Luigi (yes, my LG phone has a name, too!  whaaat...!).

Thanks, Austin ol' pal!


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