Everyone's a monster until proven human

So a concerned friend of mine asked me why I use mutated humanoids in depicting clients, suppliers, co-creatives, and intangible concepts when telling my raketista adventures in this blog.
Her concern is that people (and intangible concepts) might get offended.  No one wants to see themselves as monsters, she said.  Monsters are bad... and ugly.

Ok, now I'm offended.  My monsters are NOT ugly!  Haha!

The truth is, if you've spent the most part of your career and life in organized advertising, freelancing would be an alien world to you.  Sidelining while in the industry, of course, happens.  But that's a side trip.  Diving kicking and screaming into freelancing without the safety net of regular pay, benefits, agency support, and lawyers --that's like a full blown trip into a black hole that extends into a worm hole that catapults you into a totally different universe!!!
A universe where anyone you come in contact with must be dealt with care... and caution.  You're in this alone.  If you don't know who or what you're dealing with (and in freelancing, you usually don't), then everyone is a monster until proven human.
That's why freelancing is all about establishing relationships, and sustaining them to the best of your abilities.  On the get-go, you never know.

That's my exaggerated explanation.

My simpler explanation:  It's just way cooler to draw monsters than humans.  MONSTERS ROCK!


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