Battle Armor Raketeer

A thing I've developed in the past 2 years of freelancing --a thick skin.  No, more like an impenetrable outer shell of smooth metal alloy with shiny industrial rivets and an automatic booster pack with a silent hum to it.

It comes in handy for a Consultant.  Frustration bounces off it.  Impatience slides off it.  It empowers me with the unnerving gall to sell ideas ...and grovel for more projects.

It's handy for a Contestant, too.
You see, when work gets me down, when writer's block attacks, or when I find myself in the middle of a very alarming raket void --I join contests.  To think I used to poke fun at my mom for sending milk can wrappers to an anonymous P.O. Box for a chance to win a family holiday. *kicks self on shin*

You can strike just about anywhere with this (which is the full essence of rakethood).  Join writing contests, photography tourneys, illustration exhibits, fashion events, song composition challenges... heck, even Cosplays!  Go for the whole creative package.  Shed your 'Oh, I'm so not joining any cheap contest' mentality and put all your talents on the line.  It's fun.  It's exciting.  Its a welcome break that comes with a prize.

And when you're used to gargantuan industry-organized creative competitions, pocket battles make a cool change.  I duke it out on my own this time --which adds to the ridiculous thrill.  Obviously, this, too is no time to be timid and touchy!

Being a raketeer.  It requires balls and a battle armor.  Each sold separately.


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