Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

This must be the 1000th blog you're going to read about the passing of the great Steve Jobs.  But give me a minute.  I promise to be brief.

Do you know how I grew the balls to go full time raketista?  It was because I have a macbook.  It's old, but I take care of it.  Even named it.  My husband has an even older iMac.  Lacking generations of upgrades.  But it has served him well before, and in its own little way, continues to do so.  Day by day, our Apple machines help us through one project to another.  It was like clockwork.  Almost taken for granted.

But when you think about it, the technology Steve Jobs has given the advertising industry (those within and those twiddling around its outskirts) is insurmountable.  It changed how the game was played.  Advertising became faster-paced as well as better-crafted.
As a freelancer, I am given the opportunity to join the mad fray.  As long as you're wired, you're a competitor.  And as long as you're inspired, you're unstoppable.

Steve Jobs didn't just arm me to fight.  With a few words, he also stirred me to make a difference.

Stay hungry.  Because that's how you survive.
Stay foolish.  Because that's how you have fun through it all.
Freelancing in advertising maybe cutthroat, but with the right mindset, you can give yourself the time to enjoy the ride.

To everyone whose lives depend not just on their talent but their hardware, remember not to bonk your mac when it lags, or curse your iPhone when it hangs.  Take a moment to give it some love and respect.

Keep in mind that an old genius worked hard to make your crazy-tough/crazy-fun career happen.


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