The RH Bill at its Best

It's a typical sad kitchen table top scenario with a dirty, broken plate bearing a tiny scoop of rice, with a team of equally dirty, broken spoons made to face the plate in some weird adulation.

Ok, after a squint, pull back.

It's an egg.  With sperm cells.  On a mad dash towards self-preservation.  

Now you say, "Heeey, nothing new there!  Every Tom, Dick, and Wanna-Be in advertising has used this reproduction scene for any health/sex campaign known to man!  Even clinics and libraries have that!"
Well, Mr. Genius, that's not the point.
The point is this:  In advertising, there are no new ideas.  Only old ideas better told.  It's how you walk the talk that makes all the difference, that lends your stuff all the uniqueness, that slaps everyone silly with a wake-up call.  That's why what you should strive for is hunting for that all too real insight --and build the creativity from there.
I think this ad is brilliant in selling the concept of the RH Bill. It presents two realities for the price of one.  I don't even need the headline to tell this full story.  The image alone floors, and rings loud and true. 

Congratulations, Mr. Jovert O. Bantilan of Workshop One Inc. for severely bagging the Best Ad glory at the Creative Guild's RAW School --and, in my book for the year.

And to you, Mr. Genius, back to your futile attempts at reinventing the wheel.


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