Support System

I'm not usually mushy.  But a bitchslap from reality just woke me up to the importance of something I may have overlooked since venturing madly into solo flight.  There it is.  It's NOT solo flight.  Even as it feels like you're all alone in freelancing, it shouldn't be.  You shouldn't wallow in self pity when you lose a pitch.  You shouldn't drown in alcohol when a client refuses to pay you.  You shouldn't stay up late all by your lonesome to finish a rush project.
No matter how strong you are, what you should have is a support system.  Husband.  Wife.  Lover.  Friend.  Brother.  Sister.  Dad.  Mom.  Kids.  Pets.  People (and animals) whom you know care about you and are willing to lend you an ear. 

You may not always enjoy the physical support of a partner or a team, but emotional support should always be there.  Someone --not something-- you can run to when things in your world start spiraling out of control.  Someone open for a random chat, a pep talk, or even to bounce off ideas to.

Stupidly, I've always said that the best way to help me is to get the hell out of my way.  Good thing my husband never listened to THAT bullshit.  Lol! 
And so, a deal.

On days when we can't fight together...

One should be there when the other one falls.

Support system.   It's not your computer.   Find one.


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