Nice Meeting You

Interesting.  In a span of 2 months, I've had 3 bogus client meetings.  It can only mean I'm officially gullible to the core, huh?

These meetings were set by people whom I don't know with the promise of exciting projects.  These are different people, in different venues, at different times --and yet, one MO.
On all 3 occasions, as soon as we've sat ourselves down, each client went, "So... you're a blogger.  You know what, I blog, too.  Maybe you can help me out."

I repeat, I don't know these people.  I'm only there because I'm looking for business.  And then these guys turn the prospect into chat time.  But ok, ok... I'm not rude.  This could simply be the icebreaker before we get into the nitty-gritty of serious advertising stuff.  Yeah, that's right!
So, nicely, I answer all their questions about blog length, how to attach pictures, how to choose your blog niche, how to earn from all of it.  When I'm pretty sure they've gotten everything they wanted --as evident in their faces which eventually lit up in satisfaction after 2 to 3 hours-- I carefully steer the conversation back to the projects they promised me.  Even asked if the reason why we went into lengthy blog discussions was because they were considering blogging as one of their advertising tools to sell their products.

The reply to that was pretty text book, too:  "Oh, that.  Wait.  I'll email you."

Look, everyone blogs. I didn't have to waste some hardworking, hungry person's time to get started.  If you blog, then you must have a computer and internet access.  Try surfing for information!  I learned all I know FROM the net.  Most of which from mistakes I've DONE on the net.  But that's how you learn.  Research, and then dive in.  If you make a mess, clean it up and don't do the same thing over, ever.
More importantly, I didn't have to tell a big fat lie in order to lure a blogger out for tips!

Not surprisingly, none of these 3 so-called clients contacted me again.

3 meetings.  And all I got from them was coffee.

Should've ordered pasrty, too.


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