On the first few months that I became a full-blown raketista, I felt really down.  Depressed even.
It's tough when you realize that now, you're using your creativity for survival rather than for art, for fame, for awards.  The sparkle just died.

In those dark days, when a friend (I wasn't able to avoid) would ask what ad agency I was connected to at the moment, I was kinda sheepish when I softly replied, "I'm freelance now."

There was this weird self-pity and self-loathing that ate my innards whenever I uttered the word 'freelance'.  Specially when I see the shocked and then disappointed look in the asker's eyes.  Could be my imagination, but hey --15 years in one of the world's most glamorous businesses and then pfft!-- that does something to you.

That's all in the past now.  I've long shed my unnecessary issues and insecurities, and have passionately embraced my new status in creative life.

But for those just starting in the freelance biz and feel a little lost emotionally, here's something a good friend of mine (one I would never avoid!  Lol!) got from Wiki.

The doodle didn't come from Wiki.  Duh.
It's what you stand for.  You're a tough dude, you're your own person, and you're a rare commodity.  And the 'mercenary' part must definitely turn you on!

As a proud freelancer, it's something that made me smile.  And, heck, I'm in a sharing mood. :P  Thanks, Joey!


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