Procrastinate Now. Panic Later.

This has been my battlecry in life ever since school report cramming became a reality.  And it has never failed me. 

There must be a scientific explanation out there.  But simply put, there's this adrenaline rush that floods through my body when the deadline looms precariously over my head.  That's when my creative juices start to churn big time.  That's when all the puzzle pieces start to click together.  That's when EUREKA! happens.

Oddly, my best ideas pop up at crunch time.  So the lengthy lead times I demand --they're usually just so I can get lost in Facebook, Twitter, and omg! gossip before I finally get down to business.
Ok, ok... hear this:  Procrastination is a good thing.  I have to relax my brain before diving into the work at hand.  It's the calm before the storm. 

When I say 'storm', I mean a death-defying hurricane, by the way.  Along with the adrenaline surge comes panic.  I'm a firm believer that Panic and Creativity are best bed buddies --as long as you know how to keep the balance.  If Panic takes over, then your workload topples in a heap of failure.  And then you lose the job.

Now, if Creativity uses Panic and visualizes it as some sort of interstellar war zone scenario wherein you have to slay 53 invading humanoids in 30 minutes flat so you can be the hero of the watery planet, Aquania... then you're in for confetti-throwing delight and a fat paycheck in the end.

See?  This work style does wonders to your brain AND your heart!   Not to mention the cold sweat opening up and cleaning your pores.

Procrastinate Now... Panic Later.  I will take this battlecry to the grave.  If it occurs on a daily basis, THAT might just be soon enough.
Eh, I'm sure a lot of like-minded masochists see it my way.


  1. I think its the same chemical brain reaction to geniuses who creates under depression, hunger and poverty. Remember, we are beings of survival so our primal instinct of self preservation kicks in during this "Troubled" times. But I also agree on your theory of adrenalin rush or What they call "IN THE ZONE" wherein you are in the perfect feel and grove of what you are doing. Cheers!

  2. Oooh... i love the primal instinct/self preservation explanation! way cool! thanks, TechJoey!


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