sucker punching

This goes out to those wise asses who say RaketChick is a rip-off of Sucker Punch.
Guess what!  The answer is a big, fat NO!

And to an extent... a tiny, skinny yes.

But, come on --RaketChick is more fun than those Sucker Punch chicks!  I mean, she's perfectly ok with looking ridiculous every now and then.  She's hell fine with dancing, too.
A good plus is that she doesn't need back-up to kick ass.  She does it well on her own, thank you.
Despite the eternal presence of a samurai sword, a fully automatic M249 machine gun, a katana pair, and an MK19 grenade launcher ...her most vile weapon is her sarcasm.  She wields it fairly well, I might add.  And beheads without bloodshed.
She's also quick to admit that she's in love.  She's not all angst.  She's part-angst, part-cheesy.
She is not abused.  She abuses herself, most likely, and then blames others.  What's wrong with that?
She's also not a product of a person who is mentally institutionalized.  Believe me.  Please.

Admittedly though, RaketChick shares some of BabyDoll's delusions.  RaketChick, like her, is a tougher alter ego, an escape from reality, a default superhero battling life's monsters and mutations.  We all have those in our heads sometimes.  And whether we make a film or a blog out of our internal diversions is immaterial.  What's important is that we have moments of running away --but we make sure we always come back.

Oh and girls in tight leather clothes toting hardcore ammo is always cool.  So I guess Sucker Punch can sue me there.  High five, chiccas!


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