I Love Mondays

No, I have not gone insane.  For the past 20 years, Monday and I have shared nothing but brutal hatred for each other.  I utter the post title for one reason and one reason alone:  I have gone freelance.

Being freelance means you manage your time, your work load.  And what I've done since entering the colorful world of Raketsville was to erase Monday from my work's periscope view.
Mondays will hereby be treated like a weekend extension.  There shall be no meetings.  No briefings, no presentations, no productions.  I fully intend to spend the entire Monday vegitating.  While other breadwinning folks go about panicking on the most hated work day of the week, I shall bum around at home --watching TV,  in my jammies, drinking super fattening chocolate milk.

It's not an entirely huge win.  I do need to make up for the lost day in other days --sometimes even during the weekend if I have an immovable Monday deadline.  But at least I managed to lay low on the first day of the work week when others didn't.  Couldn't.  THAT is a false sense of triumph, too.  But I love Mondays now more than ever.  It's like we've kissed and made up and threw the life-long grudge out the window.  And I feel fresher and more severely pumped to go out and work on Tuesdays because I've basked in the shallow glory of my preceding Mondays.

However, there WILL be killjoys bumming out my simple yet excellent Monday-Bum Day plan.  I mean, it wouldn't be an action-packed entry without some antagonists thrown in, right?
Some clients will demand rush work on a Monday.  Uh-huh, they will.  I'm cool with that.  I can write as long as it's an easy, quick revision, a tagline, or an alternative headline.

And... I will ONLY write while watching TV, in my jammies, drinking super fattening chocolate milk.


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