Lights, Camera... Office Drama!

There's a nice topic.  Intrigue.  Betrayal.  Complete meltdown.  Depending on how you look at it, it feels like reporting for a soap opera on an irregular basis.  Or, being part of a Survivor Series minus the exotic backdrop and physical grime.

When you left the corporate world, I bet you just had to sigh in relief, "Now, this is something I won't miss!"  But if you're doing consultancy work, you do get exposed to snippets of Corporate-a-novela.  If you do consultancy work for 3 companies at a time, it's like switching channels. 

The truth is, office drama excites you.  Specially if you're just a spectator.  The first time you witnessed it unfolding before your very eyes, you were awashed with nostalgia.  You looked back and remembered how you were awarded Best Actress at your last Professional Oscars.... and a tear fell.

But as a raketista, things are different now.  You're technically an outsider.  You should know how to handle office drama properly.

1.  Do not participate.  You're not there everyday which means you're not a mainstay.  You will not get ample camera exposure anyway so why bother?  You can miss a huge clincher in the plot while you're out, too. 

2.  Sometimes you can get dragged into the drama, but only as a bit player.  Keep it that way.  When someone asks for your opinion, keep it objective.  Don't share your past dramas or they'll think you're a Hall of Famer and ask for your advice regularly.

3.  There will be secrets floating around, hushed voices behind dividers and inside cubicles.  You can eavesdrop (because you can't help it) but don't make it obvious. You don't want them to think you're spying for the antagonists.

4.  What ever you hear, do not share to add fuel to the fire!  Do you really want that kind of spotlight right now?  Let someone else shine. You're not the star in this sequel.  I repeat, YOU ARE NOT THE STAR.

5.  Work through it all.  Do not be consumed by the scenes happening around you.  Your job as a Raketista Consultant is to rake in business wins, not a fan base.

You think you can do that?  Sure!  This is the only chance you get to sit back and enjoy the show --and then get paid for it.  *snappity-snap*


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