If It Can't Wait, Trust nTrust.

This metaphoric photo was metaphorically taken in a hectic 'kubrahan' in my mind.
A bunch of freelancers waiting in line to get their overdue checks ...

This actual photo was actually taken in Makati in the middle of crazy-ass rush hour.
...isn't that much different from a bunch of motorists waiting in line to get overdue relief.
(This happens a lot.  True story.)

The wait is excruciating!  Specially when your client gets stingy on the very day you got a disconnection notice from Meralco.  Or, when the roads get packed at that exact same time when you need to go really bad.  You get impatient, you get uncomfortable, you get cranky.  For urgent needs, who would really want to line up like that, huh?!

If you want to avoid long line-ups, go to nTrust.com.
Well, that sounds like a great segue to Remittance!
Now THAT'S the worst kind to fall in line for. Sending money to your loved ones is just about the most urgent thing there is.  Who would want their son to miss out on an exam due to a late tuition payment?  Who would want to send a birthday gift a few days delayed?
Not you, not nTrust!

More than anything else, nTrust offers you freedom and peace of mind.  It's the first ever online remittance service that lets you send and receive money to and from your friends and family at the speed of an email. In any amount you want, in any currency you want, anywhere you want.  Why, you can send a thousand Yen to your parents overseas, transfer a hundred dollars to your wife back home, even receive .47 euros from a friend next door.  All with bank level encryption that will protect your money day in and day out.  Quick, safe, cost-effective remittance means you're in control, no traffic, no rage.

Oh, and what amazing perks!  nTrust is the only platform that gifts you with free transactions to others within the nTrust network. Create your own profile and add your family and friends to your nTrust community, absolutely free of charge.  Wow, nTrust just keeps on giving!

So Remit money to the Philippines, Transfer money to the Philippines, Send money to the Philippines in real time.  Because urgency is real.  And nTrust really cares.

It isn't rocket science.  Just good ol' I-hate-waiting and We-can-make-it-happen philosophies working together to make life easier.  You want to know how you can trust your time to nTrust, click here.


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