She Neung Balls for the Soul

...and that title just totally dated me.  I don't even know if I spelled that right.  But She Neung Balls are (or were) Ongpin growth enhancers that were considered miracle drugs in the old days.  It promised quick height boost while tasting like goat turd.

And now, I'm using that as a metaphor for professional (and personal) growth.  Ha!

Companies used to send me to out-of-town seminars and workshops and I'm very thankful for the junket component that came with them. But looking back, I have been terribly selfish.  I was employed, secured, I handled ATL.  What else could I possibly learn outside of my awesomeness?!

And then came Freelancing.
Alone, I had no one to fix immersion trips for me.  I had to handle other stuff other than ATL because people securely employed in the big agencies already did that.  So I had to learn on my own.  It's kinda like teaching an old dog (or bitch) new tricks --and she's actually learning.

(Here comes the metaphor!)
These days, Freelancing is my She Neung Balls.  A She Neung Ball is as huge as a golf ball to swallow so you go through the process of melting it in boiled water before drinking the putrid concoction.  It's godawful but you do it because you need to grow physically.
In Freelancing, you hungrily drink in the crash course of unknown territories like Digital, Shopper Marketing, Events, and so on --no matter how heavy and nerve-racking that can be-- because you need to grow professionally.

It's overwhelming, but I learned to be open to independent know-how harvesting.  In fact, I embrace it.  After all, the world is evolving.  So why shouldn't I?  To be honest, I'm seeing my potential growing now more than ever.

Of course, history revealed that She Neung Balls had positive testimonials, and equally bad reviews.  It worked for some, but not for all.  It was as if its effectiveness hinged on the proper set of hormones.  Freelancing is kinda like the same.  If your mindset (or soulset) is hinged on the love of learning things beyond what you've already known for years, then your professional (and personal) growth will be phenomenal.
You just have to have the balls for it.


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