R&R & RaketChick in 3D

Ever wondered what I look like in real life?

Ok, no.  But it comes pretty darn close.  This is a papier mache sculpture a cool kid named RobotBoy helped me cook up during the height of that crazy-ass monsoon that escalated into a full blown flood machine.  Stranded at home, I had the choice of working on some rakets or panicking 'til the flood came up to my cheek bones.

Then this kid gave me Option number 3:  Relax.

By Joe, that sounds crazy it might just work!

And what a creative, productive time it was.  Without the stress and the headaches and the stupidity and ... you know the drill.

Lesson learned, raketistas:  We're entitled to some R&R, too.  When the opportunity presents itself, grab it by the balls (or in this case, by the amount of rainfall) and bask in the glory of down time.

RaketChick in 3D.  Soon in theaters near nil.
Thanks, RobotBoy!


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