Relaunching Steampunk-Style

Relaunching is no easy task.  But it's one of the most nerve-rackingly fun things you can do for a brand.  It's like starting from scratch.  You get the chance to pump the product with spankin' new juice.  Or, clean up the mess the last campaign may have caused.  Wheeee... FUN!
(I'm not being sarcastic, btw.  Everything I say sounds like sarcasm.  Bah.)

Now relaunching yourself is a gazillion times tougher.  Specially when you've already impressed some potent personality upon those who care. 

First, you gotta figure out if you do need a relaunch.  If your project inflow seems to be dwindling because a) you're kinda lame, then yeah, you need to hitch your act up a notch.  Or, b) you're coming off too strong that you're scaring clients away, then yeah, you need to soften up a bit.  You can't do a 360-degree switch to the opposite direction, of course, because no one's going to buy that.  Even brands that transform their image from motherly to kick ass, chest-haired man overnight isn't going to sell an iota.  Relaunching is a gradual feat.  It's not ...POOF! *ninja smoke*... and you're a new person.  (Heck, I'm still reeling from Charice Pempengco's sudden image change but let's not go there.)

My advice: Steampunk it (read:  not to be taken literally).
Steampunk is Victorian frill and fragility married to hardcore metal manic technology.  Sass and skill.  Beauty and Badass.  Fine combo with levels you can adjust.  In other words, keep the essence of your original self, but tweak it a bit to suit your objective.  Don't cause a mass heart attack.  And don't be a faker, even to yourself.  In your relaunch, you have to be comfortable.  Believable.  And a tad more acceptable.  In doing business, I mean.  I can almost hear those proud freelancers say, "I don't need anyone's acceptance!"  Haha!

Relaunching Steampunk-Style (read:  not to be taken literally) applies only to those who are open to balance their 70% fire with a 30% friendly, or their 60% friendly with a 40% fire.  Totally your call.  Just so you're not a solid abrasive or concrete lame-o who shoos his or her clients away.  At the end of the day, you relaunch yourself --and your client's brand-- ever so wisely and truthfully.


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