Acqua Bella Pour RaketChika: A Blogopolis Lootbag Review

Ah, the phenomenal Nuffnang Blogopolis lootbags.  I don't think any Nuffnang blogger will be forgetting about them any time soon.  What with 2 months' worth of groceries busting right out of our cupboard's seams.  For that, sponsors, the family thanks you.

For the little Penshoppe lootbag, on the other hand... I thank you.  ME AND ONLY ME!
Finally, 4 ...count 'em!... FOUR girly-girl freebies just for moi, La RaketChika!  Give it up for Penshoppe's Acqua Bella Fruity Mist, Flames, and I Am Body Sprays!

C'mon.  Even a tough girl wanna smell nice, right?

Like when I'm in the middle of a hectic day, jumping from one meeting to another, diving from one production to the next,  catapulting from one overtime to... ugh... more overtime.  A day this action-packed just has to come with the fragrance and confidence of I AM SPORTY or FLAMES MESMERIZE.  Each one with its unique freshness and intensity.  Because a girl who has to work HAS to work it. 

Of course, I do have slow days, too.  Days when all I want to do is bask in the sun, have coffee with a friend, or have a nice, cozy, cuddly, phone-off-the-hook dinner with the hubby.  For rare times like these, I'll need the laid back, sunshiny scent and aura of FRUITY MIST'S RASPBERRY DRIZZLE or (wait for it!) I AM SWEETHEART.  Weak moments.  Apparently, a girl who wields a metaphorical samurai for a living has them, too.

The good news is that Acqua Bella by Penshoppe is available at all Penshoppe stores, which makes these distinct fragrances easy picking for everyone.  You don't have to be a Nuffnang blogger and a Blogopolis attendee to smell (wait for it!) ...Babelicious.
Weak moment.  Apparently, I have a lot of those lately. :P

From RaketChick's sweetly scented day to yours, fo' knucks.


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