When they said this was going to the biggest thing in Philippine blogging history, they weren't kidding.  It was like Secret Agent Training Day, the Blogosphere edition.  With a premise like that, naturally, RaketChick had to be there.

The 9 to 9 summit took over the whole of my November 18.  Best Sunday well spent!  Allow me to give you a rundown as to how.

You have not tapped into the power of tapping unless you've tapped the RFID Tap It Technology.  (Now say that five times fast.)  The RFID is the mother of all summit IDs.  Just by tapping it on booth sensors, you automatically get registered per sponsor, get entered per contest, get logged on to blow-by-blow social networking.  It's the brainchild of LetsTrendIt, piloted by Nuffnang PH.

Ok, they're just photobooths.  But they connect to your personal Facebook and Twitter accounts and post updates on your behalf.  That's genius and slightly covert.  Lol!  And being Filipinos, how can we possibly refuse the call of a photo op?

Blogging giants, sharing their secrets to success and back stories.  How cool is that?!

The best for me would be Yugatech King Abe Olandres' talk on the Business of Blogging.  It was all about leveling up your blog from a teeny bopper's diary to a lucrative money-making gig.  Abe went through the high impact spiel like a warmer, cuddlier Morpheus.  Straight up.  Spot on. 

The most inspiring talk would be from Miss Maria Ressa.  The most animated Agent M.  Utterly passionate about her craft and brimming with intelligence, she's the only Rappler who can make an Excel file endearing.  Her talk empowered me.  And she knows how to map moods.  Damn.

The most engaging for me would be Anthony and Tippy Go's of Googly Gooeys.  Primarily because their blog featured the bloggers' cartoon alter egos, too.  High five! They tag-teamed their talk on Content Generation --kinda like Agents K and J of M.I.B.

Divine Lee of, well, Divine Lee... is just divine!  She's the perfect picture of an Undercover Blogger.  Behind this sexy, funny woman is a brain as fierce as heck.  The woman is hell smart!  She slayed the Q and A, seriously.

Aka, the mingling.  Spiked only by raffle draws and crazed screams of bloggers who have won even more gadgets.  Ok, so I didn't win.  Hence, bitter.  The food was great though.  And I got to dance a few beats.  Woohoo!

Spies usually get the girl in the end.  Us, we got something better.  FREEBIES!  It isn't a Nuffnang event if you went home empty-handed.  That just doesn't happen.  More on the phenomenal freebies on the next post.

Overall, Blogopolis sincerely rocked.  We learned a lot, and we got a new mission.  One that will take bloggers higher and reshape the future of blogging forever!  On that note --and since I'm on secret agent mode-- please bear with me as I belt out my best Shirley Bassey...
"Blogging is forevaaah!"


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