In Defense of Doodles

Doodling is a natural manifestation of creativity.
During a meeting, when someone starts vandalizing that briefing document you've distributed earlier (the one you spent a week and a half working on), it's not meant to offend you.  It simply means that while you were presenting the task at hand, the gears in this someone's brain have also started moving.  Doodling on your 'carefully crafted' paper is his way of saying "That's a brilliant project briefing!  My creativity is now severely pumped with the greatness of your strategic words!"

You.  Wish. 

When I doodle, it's actually a cry for help.  Roughly, "I would rather stab myself with a ballpoint pen in the cornea than listen to your load of crappisimooo!"

Brief with meat that's intelligent enough to make me gasp, and interesting enough to keep my ADHD at bay.  That's the test of a well-written strategy.  :P  Once you keep my attention, that means there's a good direction, and you've fired up some passion.  Now, maybe your sacred briefing document will be defiled no more.

May.  Be.


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