Culture Club

Consultancy work exposes you to a lot of people.  Specially if you're like me who's greedy enough to maintain consultancy gigs here and there.
This means you're exposed to a variety of cultures.  Everyday is a different trip.  It's kinda like you're a Travelogue photographer documenting different kinds of species.  Except you're doing more than just documenting.  You're doing hard work.

The trick is to know how to adapt to these cultures.  Changing your outlook per scheduled facetime.  That starts with knowing why that certain culture hired you. 

This is usually a small group looking for a big change, not knowing how to go about it.  They hired you to be the catalyst for that big change.  This is true blue, hard core Creative Consultancy.
How to deal:   If there was ever a time when you thought the onus was on you, scratch that.  This time, the onus is really on you.  Here is where you put your portfolio and all that BS you put in your resume to work.  Go on full blown maverick mode!  Go on pep rally cheerleader mode!  This is your baby now.

It sucks to be contracted for a less evolved set-up.  Here --as in medieval times-- there is an overlord and nobody questions him.  On paper, he hired you to be his right-hand man.  In real life, he's hired you to be his senior slave.
How to deal:  Everyone else is scared.  Are you?  Take note that this deal can be emotionally draining and performance zapping.  You have 2 chances for survival:  Get the hell out of the tyrant's way, or get on his good side (if he has one).  The latter requires extra effort though. 

You're in the midst of straight-up progressive pros.  A highly-evolved bunch, they're all treading new ground because they have the skills and the passion for it.  They most likely hired you to be a partner.
How to deal:  Keep up!  Aim high!  Share the passion!  Do your research and make sure you live up to these experts' expectations. You should also throw in one contribution that defines your importance to the company.  Sounds like a tall order?  Well, that's how it goes when you play in the big league.

This group is already made.  They hired you simply to be one of the dozens of other consultants they have on pay roll.  That means you're there as an extra brain.  An extra brain that is expendable at any given time.
How to deal:  This, by far, is my favorite set-up because every freakin day is a freakin pitch.  Nothing sets my adrenaline on fire quite like competition.  Here, there's no seniority.  You fight!  But fairly.  You don't put any other consultant down.  That's just not done.

Any of these sound familiar?  Then get to motherfudgin' work.  Good luck!

Sadly, none of these awesome steampunk wallpaper designs are owned by me.


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