RaketChick RePumped

Still reeling from the euphoria that is the Blogopolis wisdom overload (yes, it has been over 2 weeks, but that kind of information and inspiration bombardment does not go down fast), please allow me a moment to binge-vomit my afterthoughts on this here post.

The whole point of the Nuffnang Blogopolis was all about leveling up your blog.  Pumped, I can think of a gazillion ways to take RaketChick further.

Say, for additional hits, let's have an in-blog comic strip that pokes fun at freelancing mishaps!
Wait, I already do that.  Perhaps an online comic book that links to the blog then.  Hmmm...

An in-blog interactive app like... like... a Dropping Bad Businessmen game!  All you have to do is click and start chopping the evil dudes down while catching good business points.  Neat!
But why stop there when we can jack this up to an actual Android Game App!  Feel the power!

A 'Send a pic of you cosplaying RaketChick' contest!
Ooohkaay, I don't really see anyone joining that kind of thing so maybe we can go with a 'Send your own RaketChick artwork'.  Still nothing?  Oh well.

Not unless the prize is a genuine G.I. Joe-issue RaketChick action figure!  Also available in Dark RaketChick and Sunny RaketChick with a variation of weapon attachments.
And, also available at the RaketChick online store.  Woohoo!

Oh!  Oh!  Better yet, how about a hyper-realistic RaketChick die-cast figurine give-away for the lucky reader who does a post's 100th share?  That would be so worth it!  Why, this figurine is finely crafted.  It can double as a bookend.  It can even be that ever-reliable blunt object for when a raket negotiation goes sour!

The possibilities are endless!
Unfortunately, the migraine that goes with overthinking tends to be endless, too.  Oww...

Let me get back to you on this, ok?  But I swear on my hamster's grave, we are going further.  Soon.


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